Amazingly Creative Community - How Craftcation Inspired Me

Conferences are about so many things - continuing education, finding new suppliers and vendors, meeting presenter and so much more. But I think the most important thing about conferences is the people it brings together.

I got to attend Craftcation recently. It's a handmade business and makers conference based in Ventura, CA. I went to it expecting to learn a TON and get some new ideas for my business. And I did. But I came away with so much.

I came away having spent almost an entire week with some amazingly creative and passionate individuals. In a space filled predominately with women who are KILLING IT at their businesses, are motivated and just getting started, or who just love crafting that much that they came to a conference dedicated to it. Do you have any idea what it's like when you get that many intelligent, incredible women in one space? It's pure magic.


Left to right: Donna, me, Katrina from Olly Olly, and Moonji from MoonJi Art

I learned so much and came away feeling inspired and reinvigorated about my business. One of the effects of this conference - the very website you are reading this on! After many discussions and a super helpful Think Tank focused on website critique, I decided to switch platforms (goodbye Wordpress) and build the new and much improved website that you see now!

And I met some great friends that I can't wait to get to know better and see again next year....The community that surrounds Craftcation is a thing of beauty and I'm so glad to be a part of it now. 

me and Anna from

Anna from Anna Abramzon Studio and me

Do you have a conference that you've been wanting to attend? If so, take the leap and GO! And I hope Craftcation is one of them and I see you there next year!