Be Authentic. Be Free. Step Into the Wild with Me.

We are inundated with so many messages about what we, as women, should be. Delicate. Feminine. Quiet. Beautiful. These messages many not be as overwhelming and all-encompassing as they used to be, but they are still very present in our society. But what if we decide that isn't what we want to be?

I spent a lot of my life alternating between trying to fit into that mold and trying to do everything to be the opposite. Neither felt true to me. And it wasn't until my late 20s when I started Nymph In The Woods that I started to truly accept that. 


Be Free. Be Authentic.

These are the new taglines for my jewelry for good reason. This is what my jewelry (and my business) have come to mean to me. And it's what I believe that it can help others to feel as well!

The right jewelry can make you feel powerful. Confident. Beautiful on your own terms. And just think of what that confidence can lead you to! We need more confidence and authentic women in the world.

I know that confidence, that feeling of power, has done amazing things for my life! I started another business focused on fitness. I travel and meet new amazing people. And so much more. What can it do for you and your life?!

So be free. Be authentic. Whatever that means to you, embrace it!